Jayda Cheaves Tells Nicki Minaj How Much Lil Baby Means To Her


Baby and Jayda have begun rekindling their flame.

To open the year, Lil Baby continues to take his career to new heights, as he linked up with Nicki Minaj on Friday (Feb. 4) for their brand new hit single “Do We Have A Problem?” Nicki and Baby both do a stellar job delivering hard-hitting verses, and establish solid chemistry in their short film/music video acting as criminals together.

This chemistry from working together on music has seem to have translated to Baby’s on-and-off boo Jayda Cheaves, who he has reconnected with lately after his rumored stint with Saweetie. Jayda, as a matter of fact, linked up with Nicki last night (Feb. 4) for some girl time on Instagram Live, where Minaj likes to host her #QueenRadio conversations.

Nicki seemed particularly interested on how Baby and Jayda met, and what their current standing is. She began by asking if Baby was one of Jayda’s best friends, where Jayda confirmed that they were: “For sure, best friends since the day I met him. I met him when I moved to Atlanta. He was on me when he was in prison, so we finally linked hen I moved to Atlanta and was able to know who he was.”

Baby was in prison for marijuana possession among other charges before he blew up as a rapper. Nicki then asked if Jayda suspected that he would have a big rap career at the time they began talking, but Jayda said no, and that she was attracted to him for other reasons: “Nah, but he was my type. You know I love me a hood *****, like real hood.”

As they continued their conversation, Jayda wanted to keep things cute and not too intrusive, as she could tell Nicki wanted the tea on their relationship. When asked what she likes about Baby the most that the world wouldn’t know about him, Jayda confirmed why she has so much love for Baby: “Y’all she’s so messy, she can’t help herself… He’s solid, whenever I need him, no matter the times we’re on or off, he’s gonna always be there.”

It seems that Baby’s constant availability and care for Jayda has led them back to being together. Check out the coversation between Nicki and Jayda below.     View this post on Instagram           

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