Solange Trending After Her 17-Year Old Son Allegedly Impregnates Girl


Solange might be a grandmother in the near future.

Solange Knowles is known for many things. From her contributions to Destiny’s Child, her solo career, and her journey of being an actress, the celeb knows what it’s like to be in the spotlight. The 35-year-old celeb seems to be trending again, but this time it’s for all the wrong reasons.

Not only is Solange an admired entertainer, she is also a mother. In 2004, she gave birth to her son Daniel Julez J. Smith Jr. Now 17 years old, it’s been alleged that Julez has impregnated a young girl who claims she’s still in high school.

A video posted to Tik Tok included alleged screenshots of text messages between the two teenagers. In those pictures, the two are seen going back and forth regarding the intercourse they had. In one message, Julez allegedly stated, “your gonna get n*tted in.” Further into the conversation, he asks the young girl if she would be taking a Plan B– her response, “nooooo, just do it & pray.”

Annoyed by her response, he wrote, “that makes you so much less attractive.”

As the two continue to bicker back and forth, Julez throws his mom into the mix. He texted, “n*gga my mom didn’t have eyes on her at that age. I do.”

The girl also went on to share a statement on her Instagram story. She stated, “i make over 20k a month baby you have no money that i want. i’ve been had 100k, 80k, 70k, 60k, 50k, 40k, 30k, 20k, followers before. i don’t need clout from anyone just don’t think your about to hurt me & several other girls & get away with it period i was too nice to you even after all the stuff you said.” The income she references to could all stem from her Only Fans account which is tagged in her Instagram bio.

Check out social media’s reaction to the assumptions down below, along with the apparent text messages.     View this post on Instagram           

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