50 Cent Goes After Benzino Over Unhinged Arrest Video


50 Cent spares no one.

Benzino is someone who has created various enemies for himself over the years. Last week especially, many were coming after Benzino due to the fact that he was so dismissive of his own daughter, Coi Leray. Leray had some pretty abysmal first-week sales, and her own father was laughing at her. This rubbed a lot of people the wrong way, however, Benzino has since denied making the comments noting that he was actually hacked.

Prior to that, Benzino was arrested for a domestic disturbance outside the home of his ex, Althea Heart. In the video below, Benzino was irate as he saw Althea with a new man. Benzino ended up punching the man’s truck before being arrested and taken off the premises entirely.

This is an altercation that has largely been forgotten, however, 50 Cent has been thinking about it for quite some time. We know this because the legendary rapper took to Instagram last night with a clip from Benzino’s arrest. He also added a screenshot from the video which depicts Benzino in a pretty unflattering light.

“Yo WTF Althea like nah get the fvck outta here, you go to Shawn Na house. LOL ( as much as I’ve done for you) @iambenzino,” 50 wrote.     View this post on Instagram           

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50 has a long history of making fun of Benzino. For instance, 50 has been steadily claiming that Benzino dates trans women. It is an accusation that he makes against various other foes, and now, Benzino remains in the crosshairs.

Only time will tell who 50’s next victim will be.

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