The talented artist with one of the hottest up-and-coming lyrics has recently signed to Rick Ross and his label MMG – Maybach Music Group. His past releases such as “Tebow Deebo” and album PSA (his latest 15 track drop) have garnered him much deserved success and acclaim within the industry. The music video for the steaming hot new track has already garnered hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube itself. In the music video, he is driven by two powerful forces: music and his natural surroundings. The production is filled with lilting melodies, emotional chores, and mesmerizing beats, giving his track the perfect portion of his essence as an artist.

Infused by strong bass lines and rhythm, the track intends to generate different emotions with an inspiring force that takes the listener on a journey.

He relied on his personal experiences and stories to write his songs, making them all the more relatable. With a mix of bright flavors and harsh words, the track bolsters his talents to new volumes. His current style generates perfect buzz and attraction, bringing in just the right amount of swag.

The track opens with a subtle echo of sounds before the artist chimes in to add a level of emotional lyrics. Losk33 enriches the song with his rhythmic flow of lyrics, verse after verse. He builds on a certain level of energy and emotional turmoil, bringing the song to a whole new bubble.

His music is a genuine representation of his experiences and knowledge, immediately establishing a strong character and mood with a unique brilliance. His epic flow of beats manages to capture the listener from the get-go and delivers a perfectly balanced spec of sounds. His words sail through any barrier as his tunes mesmerize you with every twist and turn.

The song was also released with an interesting music video that just adds character to an already ambient mix. The visuals are solid beats and oozing rap feels with great musical soundscapes. It will have listeners repeating the lyrics as the tunes roll over gently.  The main focus being Losk33 is seen with every shot. With cash flashing and his friends in the surrounding, the music video is the perfect addition to make the song pop even more, we also see the squad repping MMG already. 

Stay tuned with Losk33, as he tears up the stage with new plans and projects with the label (MMG) and the boss himself Ricky Rozay.

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