YG’s Criminal Case For Alleged Robbery Dismissed After Settling Out Of Court


YG’s criminal case for an alleged robbery has been dismissed.

The criminal case against YG for an alleged robbery in Las Vegas has been dismissed after the rapper recently settled out of court with the victim. The man claimed that YG had yanked his chain off of him at the Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino and took off with a diamond-laced pendant.

YG’s lawyer, Joe Tacopina, remarked to TMZ: “Justice was served expeditiously, we would’ve had the same result if the case went to trial.”

YG has maintained that he never stole the man’s necklace since the incident.

Earlier this year, prosecutors in Los Angeles declined to file charges regarding the incident, believing there not to be enough evidence to convict YG.

“Not enough evidence of what defendant did to aid and abet the crime,” read the court documents. “Presence during the crime alone is not sufficient.”

After the initial arrest in 2020, YG saysthat he believes the L.A.P.D. holds a grudge against him for his previous gang lifestyle.

“I been through a lot of other stuff with the police, but I’m from the streets though, you feel me?” he added. “So it’s like I got a target on my back already from that and I know that, so it ain’t really nothing to talk about. Because it’s like when you’re from a certain area, the police gon’ fuck with you.”


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