Miss school due to COVID? Virginia is offering you food stamps


Parents with children who missed school due to COVID-19 could be eligible for federal benefits.

Under the P-EBT program, parents of children who missed at least one day of school because of a “documented COVID-19-related issue” could receive between $21 and $127. Students have to meet certain eligibility requirements to qualify, as do their schools. Students must:

  • Attend an eligible school
  • Qualify for free or reduced lunches
  • And have been absent from school at least once due to COVID-19

Eligible schools must:

  • Have been closed or had reduced hours for 5 consecutive days due to COVID-19
  • And participate int he national school lunch or breakfast program

You can check your schools eligibility on the Virginia Department of Social Services website. Only students attending physical classes are eligible for the benefits, so those enrolled in remote schools like Virtual Virginia don’t qualify.

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