R. Kelly Accuser’s Mother Testifies That He Threatened Her Family: “They Were Going To Harm Us”


The mother of the young woman who claimed R.Kelly sexually abused her says she thought the singer would harm her family.

While R.Kelly is currently facing a 30-year sentence on charges of on racketeering and sex trafficking, the convicted singer is still on trial in his hometown of Chicago on charges that include production of child pornography, enticing minor girls for sex and more. Just days after Sparkle spoke out to defend herself against claims that she encouraged her 14-year old niece to interact with Kelly 20 years ago, more details were revealed about the troubled singer’s interaction with the unnamed accuser and her family. 

During Monday’s court hearing, the accuser’s mother (who used the pseudonym, “Susan” in court) took the stand to share that she and her husband lied to during Kelly’s 2002 trial because they feared for their lives. Susan described how she, her husband and R. Kelly were crying when the they confronted the singer at a hotel in the early 2000s about whether he was abusing their daughter. She claims the Grammy Award winner told the parents, “You are with us or against us.

She told jurors that she took Kelly’s word’s to mean “they were going to harm us if we didn’t do what they wanted us to do,” adding, “We were very, very frightened. Because we feared for our lives and we were intimidated.” Her now adult daughter, who’s court pseudonym is “Jane” also dropped a bombshell during the trial, revealing that she also lied to the grand jury prior when she said she was not the 14-year-old girl in a video with Kelly. Jane also shocked the world when she confirmed that the singer had sex with her “hundreds” of times before her 18th birthday.

R. Kelly also faces a charge of obstruction of justice for allegedly rigging his 2008 trial on state child pornography charges stemming from the video of him and Jane having sex when she was underage.

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