Van Lathan Claims Kanye West Said “I Love Hitler” At TMZ Office


Van Lathan says that Kanye West mentioned loving Adolf Hilter and the Nazis when he came to TMZ for his infamous interview in 2018. Lathan described what West was like behind the scenes while speaking with Rachel Lindsay on their Higher Learning podcast.

“I already heard him say that stuff before…” Lathan said, referencing West’s recent anti-Semitic comments. “At TMZ… When he came to TMZ, he said that stuff and they took it out of the interview.”

Lathan elaborated: “He said something like ‘I love Hitler’, ‘I love Nazis’, something to that effect when he was there and they took it out of the interview because of whatever reason, it wasn’t my decision.”

He says that a Jewish employee of TMZ stood up in response to West and expressed that she was offended. Lathan insists that the incident was cut from the footage of West’s TMZ visit, but that the cut is noticeable in the final clip.

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