Yung Joc’s Infamous 3D Tupac Haircut Resurfaces & The Internet Is Still AMAZED


Yung Joc’s hair-dos always manages to capture the attention of Twitter. Previously, he became a meme after showcasing his perm, which continues to live on in Twitter discourse. Still, nothing beats Yung Joc’s 3D Tupac haircut that he revealed a few years ago. The intricate hairdo includes braids tied to the top of his head in a bun, while a portrait of Tupac is edged onto the back. However, he used some of the unbraided hair to give ‘Pac the same hairstyle he had when he played Roland Bishop in Juice.     View this post on Instagram           

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the barber behind the infamous do took to Instagram to reflect on the viral moment. Rob The Barber shared the video of Joc’s odd tribute to the late rapper, writing, “3D 2Pac portrait haircut on the homie @joclive [Yung Joc] #robtheorginal.” Though the video undoubtedly showcased Rob’s incredible skills as a barber, many still question why Yung Joc thought it would be an effective tribute to a cherished legend in the game. 

Following the viral moment in 2019, Joc and Rob The Barber explained to TMZ that it was an incredibly detailed process. Rob said that he used trimmers to carve Tupac’s image with 3D hair to flesh out the image. Meanwhile, he used eyeliner to create facial features. Though an impressive style, Joc said that he needed to shower meticulously and ensure that the steam doesn’t effect the hair-do. 

After the video emerged online, again, Twitter went into a frenzy. Some questioned Job’s sanity, writing, “Man what tf wrong with yung joc ??? I know 2pac pissed.” Another person wrote, “When it comes to hairstyles yung Joc is like 3/89.” Needless to say, there were plenty of people hounding Joc for the wild attempt at paying homage. 

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