Logic Sells His Entire Music Catalog For Some Serious $$$


By Jake Lyda

Influence Media Partners have bought the publishing rights to Logic’s entire musical catalog, according to a press release. The Grammy-nominated artist has eight studio albums and eight mixtapes under his belt from the last 15 years. The catalog totals 185 songs, and now Influence is in control of the publishing rights in exchange for an eight-figure payout. This is not new territory for Logic, as the rapper has previously announced potentially retiring from the music industry for various reasons. And while he hasn’t called it quits, this is a step he’s taking so his music continues to leave a legacy.

“It’s important to me that the positive messages of my music continue to reach new audiences,” Logic said when talking about the deal. “I’m excited to partner with Rene and the Influence Media Partners team to make a further impact through creativity.” A big proponent of positivity, Logic recently partnered with BetterHelp, the nonprofit organization, to help get Logic fans free therapy if they’re in need. He’s also about to go on tour for his eighth studio album, College Park, with Juicy J in tow as a special guest.

You might think you know how prolific Logic has been over the years. But in reading the list of songs he just sold, it really is eye-popping the number of certified bangers the rapper put out into the world. The catalog includes “1-800-273-8255,” his therapy-positive anthem with Alessia Cara and Khalid, which went multi-Platinum. There’s also “EVERYDAY” featuring Marshmello and “HOMICIDE” featuring Eminem. For the fans of his earlier stuff, the catalog has “Fade Away” and “Stainless” from 2015’s The Incredible True Story and “Gang Related” and “Alright” from 2014’s Under Pressure.

With a tour, a new collaboration with Better Help, and more verses swirling around in his head, Logic is far from done with putting out content. In the last few years, he’s released his first novel, a memoir about his childhood, and plenty of social media content for the fans to get hyped about. No matter which way he goes at this point, best believe we’ll be stoked for anything the rapper decides to create.

Creator: Burak Cingi | Credit: Redferns

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