Keke Palmer Shares Concerns About The Government: “Nothing Is Safe”


By Caroline Fisher

Keke Palmer recently hopped on social media to weigh in on the current state of America. Palmer expressed her distrust for the United States’ government, claiming that the way things are being run just “isn’t working.” “As a millennial l I’ve had enough,” she captioned the clip.

“It just gets to a point where we just don’t even have trust in the government anymore,” Palmer expresses in the clip. She continues, “People want us to be involved and want us to be engaged and we’d like to, but […] it’s hard to be involved and engaged when there’s so much distrust.” She then goes on to share her disappointment over some recent decisions made by the government. “How are y’all overturning Roe v. Wade?,” she asks, “How are y’all overturning Affirmative Action?” At this point, are we about to be segregated again?,” Palmer wonders.–r8VF/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

Photo By Creator: Morgan Lieberman | Credit: Getty Images

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