G Herbo Talks Prison Time & Plea Deal


TMZ recently caught up with him at what seems to be an airport and asked him what his state of mind was. In his answer, the rapper appeared to be in good spirits, focused on his craft, and expressed gratitude for his position. “I’m good, man, new music on the way,” G Herbo remarked. The reporter then asked how Herb is doing amid all these developments “I don’t even got a lot on my plate, I’m just working. Life, doing the right s**t, bro, I’m great.” Furthermore, the 27-year-old’s wire fraud and identity theft case brought about the negotiation, and while a judge still needs to approve it, odds are it’ll net him some time in jail. Along with aggravated identity theft and conspiracy to commit wire fraud, the court indicted G Herbo on charges of lying to agents the year after. In addition, the sentence might even be shorter from two to three years, although the Chicago MC paid $140,000 in restitution plus a $250,000 already. As such, even if there’s less time behind bars, it’s still a hefty charge to deal with.     View this post on Instagram           

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Photo Creator: Paras Griffin | Credit: Getty Images for BET

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