Drake Details Story Behind His Stage Name VS Aubrey Graham


Drake, who explained why he goes by his middle name instead of Aubrey Graham in a new interview with Bobbi Althoff. Clips from the bizarre conversation have been circulating online throughout the month, and on Thursday (July 20), the nearly hour-long video finally hit YouTube.

“My mom named me Aubrey, a guy’s name,” the Canadian explained to Althoff in the clip below.

Drake on why he goes by Drake instead of Aubrey 😂 pic.twitter.com/nShKuvFgej

— Complex Music (@ComplexMusic) July 20, 2023

“Aubrey’s not a guy’s name,” Bobbi argued with the 36-year-old, who quickly shot back, “Yes it is.” “Have you ever met a male Aubrey?” she asked. “Yeah, you’re looking at him,” Drake rebutted. “You don’t even go by that ‘cuz it’s such a bad name,” Althoff pointed out, earning a laugh from her guest. “No, that’s not true… [I go by Drake] ‘cuz it’s shorter,” he noted. “You know, people with two syllables are way less successful than people with one.” 

Photo Creator: Paras Griffin | Credit: Paras Griffin

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