Twitter App Officially Updates To X


However, the transition has been far from smooth. Musk can’t actually trademark the name because the social media trademark for X is held by Meta while the financial services trademark for X is held by Microsoft. Meanwhile, the site is still Twitter in Japan because “X Japan” is also an existing trademark. Furthermore, Musk announced that the YouTube-rivaling video platform aspect of the site would be called “XVideos”… you know, like the porn site. Additionally, the re-brand has wiped an estimated $4-20 billion from Twitter’s market value. Despite all of this, Musk has been forging ahead with the rebrand. On July 30. the Twitter mobile app officially updated to X. Safe to say, users were not happy.

Soon after the auto-update went through, the topic “Twitter is X” began to trend. Very few words were said but if you’ve ever seen a gif used to express displeasure, you can probably find it in the “Twitter is X” tag. However, the change highlights that, at least to Musk, it’s Elon’s world and we’re simply living in it. The X rebranding is something that no one wanted and does nothing to fix the myriad problems that have occurred under Musk’s ownership. It’s the equivalent of putting a new coat of paint on a car that’s actively on fire.

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