Donald Glover and his brother, Stephen, will be writing a Lando Calrissian series for Disney+


Donald Glover will be teaming up with his brother, Stephen, to write Lucasfilms’ upcoming Lando series for Disney+. The Glover brothers will replace Dear White People creator, Justin Simien, who is no longer attached, according to Variety.

Simien reacted to the reports on his Instagram Story. “Donald is a national treasure. Glad he and Stephen get to carry the character forward their way. Can’t wait to see. Rooting for everybody Black,” he said in the post.

Glover previously confirmed that he’d be open to returning as Lando for a future LucasFilms project during a recent interview with GQ. “I would love to play Lando again. It’s a fun time, being him,” he told the outlet. “It just has to be the right way to do it. Time is precious. The past couple of years, this pandemic shit, it really had people experience time… People realize their time is valuable. You only get so much. I’m not interested in doing anything that’s going to be a waste of my time or just a paycheck. I’d much rather spend time with people that I enjoy. It just has to be the right thing, and I think it could be. Lando is definitely somebody I like to hang out with.”

Stephen worked with his brother on their FX series, Atlanta, as well as the 2019 film, Guava Island. LucasFilms has yet to confirm a release date for Lando

Photo Creator: Kevin Winter | Credit: Getty Images

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