Google Is Offering Employees $99 Rooms At Its On-Site Hotel


Google has announced a new policy to tempt workers back to the company’s Mountain View campus in California. Employees will be able to rent a hotel room for $99 a night at an on-site hotel. This comes as the company continues to push its return-to-work model. Last year, Google ended full-time remote working and mandate employees to work at least three days a week in-office. Since then, Google has been doubling down on the policy. Google is very eager to minimize the “hybrid” aspect of its hybrid work policy. In June, it was reported that Google was tracking employee badges and warned employees that their levels of in-person attendance would factor into their performance reviews. Among materials distributed to employees about the hotel offer, the lack of a commute was listed as a benefit of the scheme. Google opened the 4,000-room hotel last year. However, the scheme does come with a few catches. Firstly, stays at the hotel will not qualify as business travel. This means that the $99 per night rate cannot be expensed. Additionally, the $99 price tag is noted as a temporary discount that will expire in September. At the time of writing, Google has not disclosed how much the room will cost from October onwards.

“We regularly run accommodation specials for local or traveling Googlers to take advantage of our spaces and amenities,” Google spokesperson Ryan Lamont told The Verge. “We advertise these in a regular Perks email which also contains discounts for employees on other services and entertainment options.” However, the option, which would cost a little under $3000 per month, has been met with mixed reactions from Google staff.

“Now I can give some of my pay back to Google,” one staffer told CNBC News. Meanwhile, another argued that Google had better amenities than their apartment. However, some employees are also worried that their jobs could be on the line if they don’t utilize the new policy. 

What would you do in this situation? Would you be excited to return to the office?

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