LeBron James And Taco Bell Lock In On Taco Tuesday Campaign


LeBron James teamed up with Taco Bell to free “Taco Tuesday” from its corporate trademark limbo. According to the United States Patent and Trademark Office, the phrase was trademarked by Taco John’s Seasoning in 1989. While this does not affect day-to-day usage, it does legally bar restaurants and other institutions from legally using the phrase. Furthermore, Gregory’s Bar & Restaurant, a family-owned eatery in Somers Point, New Jersey, owned the trademark exclusively in New Jersey. According to a press release sent to HotNewHipHop earlier this year, “‘Taco Tuesday’ is a tradition that everyone should be able to celebrate. All restaurants, all families, all businesses – everybody. ‘Taco Tuesdays’ create opportunities that bring people together in so many ways, and it’s a celebration that nobody should own.” The push to have the trademark become public domain caught the attention of LeBron, who is reportedly a self-professed Taco Tuesdays fan and adherent. And so the NBA veteran joined the fight to free Taco Tuesdays for all.

Per a press release sent to HotNewHipHop earlier this week, LeBron and Taco Bell have succeeded in their fight to free the idiom. Taco John’s Seasoning agreed to relinquish the trademark in all its controlling territories. That means that businesses are now free to officially host “Taco Tuesdays” in every US state besides New Jersey. Furthermore, Taco John’s made a $40,000 donation to the Children of Restaurant Employees fund through the Taco Bell Foundation.

In addition to this Taco Bell announced a wide range of celebrations to mark the historic victory. The restaurant chain is offering a free Doritos Locos Taco every Tuesday between August 15 and September 5 for anyone who wants one. Additionally, the restaurant is planning a special event to mark the newfound freedom of Taco Tuesday. In a partnership with DoorDash, Taco Bell has announced a $5 million “Taco Tab” that will apply to any and all participating vendors on September 12. 

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