Erica Mena Apologizes For “Monkey” Insult After Being Fired From “Love & Hip Hop”


Erica Mena has issued an apology for calling Jamaican musician Spice a “fucking blue monkey” during an episode of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. Mena has since been fired from the show due to the racially insensitive remark. She addressed the situation in a statement to TMZ.

“I deeply regret my insensitive comment and want to humbly apologize to anybody I hurt or offended by my thoughtlessness. My choice of words was wrong, and I take full responsibility for what I said,” Mena told the outlet. “As a woman of color and the mother of two black children, I want to make it clear that my use of that word was not in any way racially driven.”

Photo Creator: Greg Doherty | Credit: Getty Images

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