Nelly Confirms Ashanti Relationship


“Yeah, we cool again,” Nelly told the hosts he was speaking to while grinning from ear to ear. As if his smile didn’t give away the strong feelings he has for the New Yorker, he was also notably red in the face from blushing so much while talking about his partner. “I think it surprised both of us though,” the 48-year-old reflected. “It wasn’t anything that was like, I don’t think, planned. We both was pretty much doing what we do.”     View this post on Instagram           

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Nelly continued, “Sometimes being separate allows you to understand one another more. You can be like, ‘Yo, let me see exactly, maybe, what they see.’ We all can be defensive, sometimes, in our own relationships.” The “Hot In Herre” hitmaker didn’t specifically explain what past incidents he’s learned from, though it certainly sounds like he’s dedicated to seeing the truth from a higher perspective from here on out, rather than staying stuck rooted in always being right.

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