2Pac Murder Witness Testifies Orlando Anderson Wasn’t The Shooter


An affiliate of the South Side Compton Crips testified Orlando Anderson wasn’t the man who shot 2Pac back on September 7, 1996. According to court documents obtained by 8 News Now, the man alleges that it was instead Deandre “Big Dre” Smith. Prosecutors believe Smith was in the vehicle responsible for the drive-by shooting along with Anderson, and Terrence “Bubble Up” Brown, as well as the recently arrested Duane “Keefe D” Davis.

“When [Davis] passed the firearm to Orlando, Orlando didn’t have a clear shot,” the witness told a Las Vegas grand jury. “Big Dre is six-six. At this time he’s 370, 400 [pounds]. He’s big. And you’re not going to be able to lean over a big guy like that and get — I mean, my time of knowing things, doing — you’re not going to reach over like that because shells would have been popping all in Big Dre’s face and all kind of stuff. He can’t bend down or anything, he’s too big.”

When asked directly if it was Smith who did the shooting, he answered: “He did the shooting.” The witness also accused Keefe D of organizing the killing: “Keefe is the one who’s going to make all the arrangements and all the plans until that gun goes into somebody else’s hand.” Keefe D has spoken about 2Pac’s murder on many occasions over the years.

In July, he denied that Smith was the shooter during an interview with The Art of Dialogue. “Them dudes was kids, man. Both of them dudes was kids back then,” he said at the time. “Dre was an All-CIF basketball player. He had a nice shot, dunking, all that shit. Dre was an athlete. He wasn’t about that.” Keefe D will appear in court on Wednesday (October 4) for his arraignment.

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