Blac Chyna Facing Financial Isssues


According to TMZ, Blac Chyna has been going through a hard time financially. Her businesses aren’t bringing in as much money as they used to. Consequently, she reveals that she has been selling numerous personal items throughout 2023. Whether that be purses, clothes, or shoes, White has been getting rid of all of it. As TMZ reports, these sales have led to $178K of income. However, it still isn’t enough for her right now. As a result, she is looking to Tyga for some money. Essentially, she wants $125K from Tyga so that she can cover her legal battle. Additionally, she claims that the rapper is keeping information about her son from her. For instance, she claims to not know where her son goes to school and that she doesn’t have information about his prescription medications. Amid these claims, sources have refuted White’s claims, noting that she can talk to her son whenever she wants.

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