Brittany Renner Reveals Downside Of Being With Three Men In A Day


While talking about her “body count,” she revealed that she learned the hard way of the consequences of sleeping with three men in under 24 hours. Needless to say, it’s not pretty, and it goes to show that Renner isn’t boasting as much as she is reflecting.

“I can actually recall a point that’s perfecter you. There is a video I did in my car where I was talking about how I had sex with, what was it, three men in a day?” Brittany Renner told Sharpe, who recalled her confession. “Then I ended up getting a yeast infection. I came off pretty unscathed for just a yeast infection. Did I think about the ramifications of telling people that I had sex with multiple men? Yes, I don’t care, it’s the truth. If you don’t see me as a potential dating person, then great. One less heart to break. Leave me alone, and I’m going to continue.”

Brittany Renner Says She Ended Up With A Yeast Infection After Sleeping With Three Men In 24 Hours.

— Poetik Flakko (@FlakkoPoetik) October 1, 2023

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