Kountry Wayne’s Monthly Child Support Expense Revealed


During his recent appearance on Sherri Shepherd’s talk show SHERRI, Kountry Wayne revealed the shocking cost of his monthly child support payments. When Shepherd asked Wayne if he’s “splurged on” anything since dropping his Netflix special last month, he revealed that his family alone is a major expense.

“More than child support?” he responded to Shepherd’s question. “Is that called splurging, because that’s every month.” When she asked him just how much the bill is each month, he spilled. “Oh my goodness,” Wayne began. “Just my family costs me, uh, about [$200K] a month.” He went on to explain why the payments are so high, describing how behind each child, there’s a mother who’s also looking for monthly compensation.     View this post on Instagram           

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“It don’t have to cost me that much,” Wayne said. “It’s just child support comes with baby mama support. Everybody come behind the children with their hands out.” Though it’s no secret that the 35-year-old’s family costs him a pretty penny each month, he did also reveal some purchases that he’s made for himself in the past, including about $1 million in cars. Regardless of the high monthly payments, it’s clear that Wayne’s made room to treat himself.

“It’s a beautiful situation,” he said elsewhere in the interview about his large family. Wayne also explained that most of his children and their mothers live nearby, and all have keys to him home. Though it’s nice to have his family so close, he says that it has the potential to lead to some awkward situations in his dating life. “No girl wants to come there [if] my baby mama’s just laying on the sofa,” he joked.

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