SZA Say’s Fans Have Slept Over Her House!


The artist hasn’t always been on top as it pertains to the spaces she has operated in. For instance, when the artist was in elementary and middle school, she faced some intense bullying. According to AllHipHop, this subsequently led SZA down a path toward empathy. She has a ton of empathy for her fans, and it is ultimately why she goes out of her way to connect with them. “I’m never off the clock for my fans, because I love that sh*t,” she explained. “They’re my family, and they’re my people. I know what it’s like to feel small or like somebody doesn’t care, because that’s who I was my whole life.” SZA subsequently went on to say that she allows some fans to come over to her house. Overall, she is actually friends with some of these supporters, and she wants to make sure they feel included in her circle. “In middle school, elementary school, I wasn’t popular. So I try to make sure n****s know ‘I hear you, I see you. I have time to stop for you. Yes, we can smoke together, you can come backstage. You can come to my house if you want,’” she said. “Hella fans have spent the night with me and been to my house many times.”

What are your thoughts on this? Would you sleep over?

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