Sexyy Red Shoots Down Latto Beef Rumors


Sexyy Red says that she wasn’t trying to shade Latto with her recent post about repopularizing ’00s fashion with a True Religion trend. She had reposted a fan’s comment about the topic shortly after Latto shared a photo of herself wearing True Religion at 21 Savage‘s recent birthday party. Addressing the rumors of a feud on Twitter, Sexyy wrote that she’d be more direct if she had an issue with Latto. “Definitely not shading her I’m direct wit it whatever I gotta say,” Sexyy wrote.

Latto also spoke up on the topic, explaining that she was at an “Atlanta throwback-themed birthday party.” When a fan labeled her “crazy” for “trying to prove that [she] was wearing True,” Latto fired back: “No what’s crazy is y’all accuse me of copying any and every thing and when I prove y’all wrong I’m doing tewww muchhhh.” In response to more criticism from fans, Latto continued: “Yall hoes def not fast… I was addressing Shaderoom comments under a post of ME f*ck is u talm bout dizzy b*tch if u gone be messy at least KEEP UP.”

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