Darius Jackson Responds To Keke Palmer Allegations


Darius Jackson is facing some pretty hefty allegations from his ex, Keke Palmer. Last night, it was reported that Palmer had filed for a restraining order from Jackson. Furthermore, she filed for full custody of their child. Subsequently, Palmer was granted both of those requests. Although she will have to go to court again later in December, it remains clear that the judge is siding with her. Overall, she alleges that Jackson has physically abused her on numerous occasions.

For instance, she claims that after showing him a photo of her in a bikini, he allegedly got angry and grabbed at her neck. Moreover, he tried grabbing her phone and allegedly continued assaulting her in the process. Now, however, Jackson himself is responding in a more indirect way. While he has not addressed what Palmer has said, he does seem to be focused on his child right now. In the tweet below, he wrote “I love you, son. See you soon.”

I love you, son. See you soon. pic.twitter.com/uRe6N1RYqL

— Darius. (@dvulton) November 10, 2023

As it stands, he does not have custody of his child, so this reaction does make sense. What are your thoughts? 

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