Michael B. Jordan To Direct “Creed 4”


Michael B. Jordan will once again be stepping into the director’s chair for the next installment in the Creed franchise. Producer Irwin Winkler confirmed the news during Deadline’s Contenders Film: Los Angeles event on Saturday, praising Jordan for doing a “great job” on the last film. In addition to directing, Jordan will still star in the movie.

“We are planning to do Creed IV right now,” Winkler said onstage during a panel for Creed III. “We have a really good story [and] a really good plot. We got a little delayed because of the strikes, but about a year from now we’re going into pre-production.”

Irwin Winkler announces there will be a ‘Creed 4’ #DeadlineContenders pic.twitter.com/HTGmSGMyVE

— Deadline Hollywood (@DEADLINE) November 18, 2023

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