Diddy Hit With More Allegations


Yesterday, it was revealed that Diddy would be getting sued again, this time for an alleged rape that took place in 1991. The anonymous woman was a student at Syracuse and alleges that Diddy once drugged her and then had sex with her. Once again, his legal team denied any wrongdoing. Late last night, a third lawsuit came in, according to Rolling Stone. This lawsuit includes allegations that the mogul and singer Aaron Hall once sexually assaulted two women.

“While at Hall’s apartment, Jane Doe was offered more drinks and was coerced into having sex with Combs,” the lawsuit alleges. “After Combs finished doing his business, Jane Doe laid in bed, shocked and traumatized. As she was in the process of getting dressed, Hall barged into the room, pinned her down and forced Jane Doe to have sex with him.” These are shocking allegations, to say the least. Furthermore, it was alleged that Diddy went to the women’s home and began choking Jane Doe. They say he did this because he was scared his partner at the time would find out about the alleged assault.

This is a developing story

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