Tina Knowles Reveals How Beyonce Dealt With Childhood Bullies


Tina Knowles recently revealed to Vogue, Beyonce wasn’t always on top of the world. In a recent interview with the publication Knowles discusses what Bey, Solange, and Kelly Rowland were like growing up and some of the challenges they faced. The most surprising reveal may be the fact that Bey herself actually dealt with childhood bullies. But Tina reassures everyone that Bey stood for what was right and stuck up to the bullies when they tried the same tactics on a friend. Check out the full interview and some of the fan praise for Tina Knowles below.     View this post on Instagram           

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Recently Tina also spoke on how some of Beyonce’s childhood lessons may be passed down to her own children. In another clip where she’s speaking to Vogue she explains how Beyonce taught Blue Ivy to deal with haters. They came after her when the joined the Renaissance tour as a dancer last year. Though almost all of the reception for her inclusion was overwhelmingly positive, she was clearly hung up on some of the hate. 

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