French Montana Sued….You Stole My Track!!!


French Montana‘s song, “Ain’t Worried About Nothin,” features his voice and his lyrics, but everything else about it was created by someone else … according to a lawsuit.

Eddie Lee Richardson, who goes by Hotwire the Producer, says French straight jacked a song he’d uploaded the year before ‘Ain’t Worried’ was released.

Hotwire says his track, “*Hood* Pushin’ Weight,” hit SoundClick in 2012 as an instrumental with a “unique and artistic array of digital sounds and rhythms.” According to the suit, it was also “tagged” with a single and repeating vocal … “Hotwire.” He says it was his way of marking his work, so no one could steal it.

French’s song dropped in April 2013, and Hotwire says it’s an exact duplicate of the music he created and produced … just with lyrics and vocals on top of it.

Listen to both tracks … there is more than a passing similarity, at least to our ears.
Hotwire is suing French for $5 million.

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