Remy Ma Calls Out The “F*ckin’ Trash” Artists Who Want Hip Hop’s Older Generation To Go Away


Remy Ma Breaks Down Her Honest Opinion On Today’s Generation Of Artists!

On a recent episode of State of the Culture, Remy Ma shared her thoughts about the emerging generation of artists that are taking over the rap game.

“This is my opinion. I don’t really give a f*ck about it. Let me get into my Remy Ma bag,” she begins. “Seriously, I really don’t care. What I think is that some of these newer artists are f*ckin’ trash and they can’t compare to some of the standards that were set. They mastered the way to stream and make catchy hooks and the wave that’s going on. That’s cool.”

Budden quickly interrupted to add, “You n*ggas got it f*ckin’ easy,” referring to the new generation. Remy continued, “The only way to get rid of…to make it seem like what they doing is great is to get rid of the greats before you. If you listen to any of the newer artists that get a buzz or be popular, they always, ‘These old people need to do this.’ Now, they really want you to go away. ‘Go over there. I don’t want nobody that can actually critique what I’m saying. Go away, die, never come back, and let us do what we do.'”


Do you think Remy has a valid point that this generation has it easy and therefor make basic music?

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