Elon Musk explains why the Cybertruck windows break


In case you haven’t seen it, Musk had Tesla designer Franz von Holzhausen come up on stage to demonstrate the strength of the so-called “armor glass” used for the Cybertruck windows by throwing a steel ball at the vehicle’s driver side windows. This didn’t go according to plan, as von Holzhausen first shattered the front, and then a rear window with his throws.

Well, according to Musk, the reason the windows shattered is very simple, and not tied to any type of conspiracy theory. Musk says the windows broke on stage because of how they were treated backstage before the event. Musk, as he likes to do when explaining things going on at Tesla, went to Twitter to lay out how the Cybertruck’s windows ended up looking like wild spiderwebs by the end of Thursday night’s unveiling.

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