Kehlani Says She’s Single Months After YG Cheating Allegations!!


Did Kehlani’s boyfriend YG cheat on her?? More details inside…

Back in September Kehlani and YG burst onto the scene as a couple for the very first time, attending several New York Fashion Week shows together and simultaneously becoming the talk of the town. These two made headlines seemingly every day as their fans immediately declared them as the ultimate “couple goals,” but just as quickly as it started, things with their whirlwind romance got shut down pretty quickly.

In October, TheShadeRoom posted footage of YG outside of a night club in Los Angeles, where he can be seen in the car talking to a random woman on the street. Though it’s nighttime and things aren’t super clear, the video seems to show the rapper grabbing this girl on the back of the neck and possibly kissing her. YG denied any cheating allegations, posting “I love Kehlani, I would never” to his Instagram story–but soon thereafter, the songstress deleted all evidence of the rapper from her Instagram page.

Since then, the couple has been pretty hush-hush about what’s going on in their relationship. Kehlani dropped her song “You Know Wassup” on November 13, in which she sings about still wanting to be “Mrs. Jackson” (YG’s last name) but gets candid about a whole slew of their relationship problems.

While there’s been a lot of questions about what the status of their relationship has been up until now, it seems like Kehlani finally got to a point where she wanted to confirm that she and YG are no longer a couple.

After a Tory Lanez posted a photo of him with the singer at a club, people started to speculate that these two were dating. That the drove Kehlani to Twitter to finally set the record straight because she’s not with Tory or YG, instead she’s all the way single

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