Mac Miller Will Have His Latest Album Released…

Mac Miller has a new album coming out a little over a year after his death from an overdose, and his family says a well-known producer was a key figure in bringing it to fruition.

A message with the news was posted to Mac’s official Instagram account Wednesday, announcing a posthumous record was set to be released on Jan. 17 — two days before what would’ve been his 28th birthday — and the project is called “Circles.”

His fam says it’s meant to be a complimentary piece to his last album, “Swimming,” with the idea being … Swimming in Circles. They also say record producer and composer Jon Brion was a major contributor in completing it.

The family goes on to say while it’s a complicated process of releasing something on behalf of Mac, they think it’s what he would’ve wanted … because they know he wanted the world to hear this.

What would you do if you were in the families position?

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