Meek Mill Onboard With Cardi B’s Plan To Move To Africa: “I Made My Mind Up”


With a potential war on the horizon between the United States and Iran, some high-profile celebrities are thinking of getting away from Trump and America as soon as they can. Cardi B is leading the charge, begging her husband Offset to move with her to Nigeria. It would appear as though Meek Mill is on-board with that plan, taking the baton from the Bronx songstress and echoing her sentiment.

Meek has expressed an interest in buying up a massive property in Africa to live in. Taking to Twitter, Mill told his audience that he’s already made up his mind on where he wants to settle down in the future, choosing a continent on the absolute opposite end of the planet.

“I’m up thinking about some new dreams,” said the rapper. “I made my mind up im copping a mansion in Africa when I run it up!!!”

How do you feel about stars like Meek Mill and Cardi B potentially packing their bags and leaving the States for good?

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