Senate Proposal Pushes for $10K Per Month for Families During COVID-19


According to reports, a senate proposal is looking to give families up to $10,000 per month as relief during uncertain times in the era of coronavirus.

The Month Economic Crisis Support Act was introduced by Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders, and Ed Markey. The bill is looking to give $2,000 per month to individuals and $4,000 to couples. Along with that, $2,000 per child would be provided for up to three children.

The bill noted that people earning under $120,000 would be eligible for support, but the payments would be reduced for people making over $100,000. Kamala Harris spoke on the act, saying “One of the things, first of all, that I find tiring is those who want to suggest, ‘Oh, this is a lot of money,’ when they’re the same people who passed a tax bill benefiting the top 1% and the biggest corporations of America and are going to cause us to face a $1 trillion deficit as a result of it.”

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