The Game has been putting in work in the rap game for a while now, having originally made his big debut with the Aftermath classic The Documentary. Since then, he’s released nine studio albums, engaged in a few high-profile conflicts, worked with hip-hop legends, courted celebrities and models, and faced legal turmoil in the courtroom. An eventful career for one of Compton’s many legendary emcees, who recently took the time to weigh in on an epidemic of truth-bending in current-day hip-hop.”Every n***a ain’t a rapper & every woman ain’t a model,” reflects Game, in a post captured by the watchful eye of DJ Akademiks. “Most of these rappers ain’t got it like you think & most of these models ain’t what you see on the net in person. Perception is a mf!” While many were quick to agree with his assessment, some wondered what prompted Game to issue such a critical take in the first place.Of course, authenticity has always been a valuable currency in the rap game, with some rappers appearing to value it far more than any material gains. Perhaps Game simply grew tired of whatever happens to line his social media feed, determining it to be endemic of the modern-day rap game and speaking out accordingly. He’s hardly the first artist to voice such sentiments, but one must always consider the source.

The ability to distinguish between perception and reality is an important tool for anyone to hone, and while we don’t necessarily know the direct catalyst for Game’s words, that doesn’t stop them from resonating. Check out his message below, and sound off — do you agree with Game’s position?


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