Toosii Admits To Cheating On His Girlfriend, Denounces Fame


“I should’ve never even started rapping for y’all.”

Toosii took a break from dropping new music in 2022 — now the 22-year old rapper is making headlines for his personal affairs. After releasing his single “Heartaches” earlier this month and announcing the release of his new project, Boys Don’t Cry, Toosii penned a letter to his fans about the state of his mental health. “I went a whole year without dropping a project battling problems with my mental health and just trying to learn to be the best person I can for the people I love and myself,” he shared in a note.

While fans credited the star’s recent energy to his alleged healing process, Toosii revealed on Wednesday (September 28) that he recently cheated on his girlfriend, Samaria, and blamed “fame” as the reason his transgressions came to light. In an Instagram video, the “Love Cycle” singer shared, “[I] stepped away from posting my relationship and having a relationship broadcasted on the Internet, simply because I make music. When y’all think of me, I want y’all to think of the music. I just want to be an artist.” But Toosii’s frustrations didn’t end there. He went on to ask his Instagram followers to remove the “couples” pages of him and Samaria, adding “Even to the fan pages, that got the mashup of me and shorty…I really wish y’all would take it down.” Following his video rant, the Syracuse born star fame posted a note on social for his fans, denouncing fame and while showing love to Samaria and their five-month old son.     View this post on Instagram           

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“F*** this fame s**t,” he wrote. “Y’all could have it. I should’ve never even started rapping for y’all, I should’ve just kept my music to myself like I did in the beginning. To my son, I love you man. I wont be nothing like what my dad was to my mom. I love your mom and she know that. My intentions pure, but the world paint a f****d up picture bout a n**** like I’m suppose to be perfrect. F*** the fame, I’m out.” 

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