Cardi B Reacts With Statement After Throwing Mic At Fan


Fans online mostly took Cardi’s side in the incident. “She did what needed to be done! People need to stop throwing stuff at performers!” one fan wrote on Twitter. Another added: “This trend of attending female artists sets just to attack them is disgusting and I hope everyone participating gets that energy BACK.” However, a new video circulating online shows Cardi’s hilarious follow-up to the incident.     View this post on Instagram           

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A compilation of videos from the event appears to show the series of events that led up to the altercation. While performing, Cardi can be heard hearing “Splash my pussy, bitch” while bending over for the crowd. After composing herself falling the mic throw, Cardi hilariously clapped back at the offender. “I said splash my pussy, not my face, bitch.” While Cardi was shocked by the drink throw, she was able to continue providing fans with a stand-out performance afterward. 

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