Kim Kardashian Slammed By C-Murder Victim’s Family For Supporting Prison Release


Kim Kardashian used her voice to try to spring Master P‘s incarcerated brother C-Murder from prison, but the gesture was a slap in the face to his alleged victim’s family.

George Thomas, brother of the slain Steve Thomas, tells TMZ Hip Hop … whenever a celebrity such as Kim Kardashian advocates for C-Murder, it’s like reopening the same wound that cut the family so deep years ago.

He says the advocacy from Kim K and other celebs has made it impossible to properly mourn Steve, who was only 16 at the time of his death, adding the family is constantly reliving the pain.

George says there’s a mountain of evidence pointing to C-Murder as the killer, and thinks it’s just celebs — not the common man — who want the ex-No Limit rapper freed from prison.

Kim jumped on a new Louisiana law Thursday that allows the incarcerated to prove their innocence, and seems to think it could be C-Murder’s ticket out. She noted C’s conviction is based on the testimony of two men — both of whom have now recanted their testimony.

George says he’s all for Kim using her voice to help innocent people, C-Murder is not that guy — his conviction was upheld in 2011 and he even appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court, which refused to hear the case.

Photo Creator: Jon Kopaloff | Credit: FilmMagic


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