6ix9ine Arrested In Florida For Missing Court


According to Page Six, authorities recently arrested the rapper in Florida’s Palm Beach County on Wednesday (August 9) for failing to appear in court. Unless this is an entirely different case unknown to the public, you might’ve heard of this development in relation to his credit card debts. Just yesterday as of writing this article (August 9), American Express reportedly sent out subpoenas to begin taking money from his other bank accounts to pay for the near-$120K unpaid fees. It’s still unclear how much this will actually affect his finances or if he will try to reach some sort of deal. Furthermore, failure to show up in court when summoned can result in either imprisonment or fines, according to West Palm Beach Defense. How much these payments or jail stays are depends on the judge in the case, the severity of the crimes in their eyes, and what the case is about. With that in mind, apparently 6ix9ine got off pretty easy with this recent arrest, and perhaps his legal future over his debts will be similar. After all, the New York MC was only in custody for about three hours before posting a $2,000 bond and being free again.

Photo Creator: Bob Levey | Credit: Getty Images

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