Nas & Lil Wayne Inducted Into Billboard’s Hip-Hop Hall Of Fame


Nas and Lil Wayne have officially been inducted into Billboard‘s newfound Hip Hop Hall of Fame. The two reflected on the honor during the publication’s 2023 R&B/Hip-Hop Power Players event in Los Angeles on Tuesday. Additionally, Ice Spice accepted an award for the 2023 R&B/Hip-Hop Rookie of the Year at the event. Billboard‘s Executive Director of R&B/Hip Hop, Gail Mitchell, introduced Lil Wayne to the stage for the Hall of Fame honor. Once Weezy got to the mic, he told the audience: “You already know I gotta give thanks to the man up above. Also, those that we lost, those that we wish were here, we thank you as well… And to my fans, I think I worded it the best way when I said I ain’t shit without you. This is for y’all, y’all as in my fans, those in the crowd, my supporters, those that work for me, those that work with me, those that work around me, those that work like me. This is for us.” Before getting off state, he teased working on new music.

Nas’ reflected on his career, explaining that he never got into hip-hop for the recognition. “I didn’t get into it for awards; we got into it because we love the artform,” he said. “50 years of Hip Hop and we have a concert at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx. 50 years of Hip Hop saluting some of the pioneers who inspired me…since DJ Mr. Magic started rap radio, since Marley Mall and Red Alert made us record mixtapes of our own when this shit was underground.”

Photo Creator: Billboard | Credit: Billboard via Getty Images 

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