Megan is calling on the court to hold her ex-bestie Kelsey Harris in contempt.


According to The Neighborhood Talk, Megan Thee Stallion’s legal team has asked the judge to hold Harris in contempt of court for ignoring a deposition she was asked to participate in. The deposition was supposed to take place on June 21st, but Harris never showed. She was deposed in order to get information about 1501 including what the executives knew about an alleged plan to sabotage Megan’s releases on the label and whether or not she had their endorsement when releasing a diss track. If she is ultimately found in contempt it could result in a fine or containment for Harris.     View this post on Instagram           

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Unsurprisingly, fans in the comments were decisively pro-Megan. “Megan ain’t gotta say sh*t. EVERYBODY that tried or came against her is losing it ALL. LMAAAOOOO!” reads the top comment on the post. Elsewhere other fans make jokes about the wins Megan has collected recently. “Baby Megan got a praying grandmother!!! Cus he is for sure setting her table in the presence of her enemies. AMEN!” Finally, some took shots at Kelsey Harris directly. “For someone who screamed this would all come out in court she refuses to speak in court.”

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