North West Made Some Intresting Profits From Paw Patrol Movie


According to TMZ, North and her brother Saint got an interesting opportunity recently. The both of them got to be voices in Paw Patrol: The Mighty Movie. Kim Kardashian was also a voice in the film which is pretty cool. North West got to play a Pomeranian named Mini, while Kim was a character called Delores the poodle. As it turns out, North got to do four recording sessions, while Saint did two. With the movie dropping in theaters, some of their earnings figures are now being made public. Per the TMZ report, North West made a total of $20K for her work on the film. Each session paid out a total of $5K. When doing the math, you can figure out that Saint made $10K. This subsequently leads to the siblings making a total of about $30K. For kids who are 10 years old and seven years old, respectively, this is a pretty solid haul. As for what they did with the money, we’ll probably never know.

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