Jada Pinkett Smith Denies Will Smith Sexuality Allegations


Jada Pinkett Smith is staunchly standing by her partner Will Smith amid rumors that he had a sexual relationship with his former male assistant and friend, Duane Martin. Moreover, this speculation emerged from a Tasha K interview with one of the actor’s best friends, Brother Bilaal, who claimed he walked into the two engaging in anal intercourse in a dressing room. Of course, this has been the subject of a lot of scandalous conversation online, although many people don’t believe that this alleged incident actually occurred. On her end, the actress immediately stuck up for him, and TMZ recently caught up with her in New York City on Wednesday (November 15) to get some more elaborate thoughts on the matter.

Furthermore, a reporter asked Jada Pinkett Smith if the Will Smith rumors were true, which she denied outright. Then, when they asked whether she’s ever seen him with another man, she said, “Never, never, never.” 

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