Kim Kardashian and President Trump Discussing Prison Reform at White House



The press conference just ended and Kim made a major announcement … she’s involved in a rideshare partnership to give former inmates free rides to job interviews. Kim says after spending time visiting prisons all over the country and talking with inmates on the inside and those who were recently released, one of their biggest hurdles is finding ways to get to job interviews and to work.

Meanwhile, the Prez announced a series of initiatives by the federal government and employers to help former inmates find work when they get back to their communities

Kim and the Prez are talking about the first prisoners released under the recently passed First Step Act … and Trump is also expected to discuss hiring people with criminal records.

As you know, Kim and her legal team have been working diligently to free nonviolent prisoners who are spending life in prison for small drug crimes under Draconian sentences … helping dozens of men and women gain their freedom.

Kim went to 1600 Penn. last year in the name of prison reform … sitting down with POTUS in the Oval Office … and now we’re going to learn more about the fruits of their labor.

Their news conference is set to begin at 1 PM PT.


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