Inmate Warns “Jail Staff” Is Out To Get R. Kelly, Sends Handwritten Doc To Judge


According to a recent article by hotnewhiphop, he’s recently been denied several requests, including bail due to medical reasons, and the ability to see visitors. Apparently, the prison has harsh limitations for visitors, and he’s not able to see both his live-in girlfriends, Joycelyn Savage and Azriel Clary, at the same time. an inmate attempted to help him, by stating that R Kelly is being targeted by people in the system, ”who are out to get him.” According to legal documents, a gentleman at the William P. ”Bill” Clements Unit in Amarillo, Texas requested a copy of R Kelly’s case to further argue his claim, stating jail staff are ”being paid to commit federal crimes. Violating civil rights of R Kelly.” He sent his request through a handwritten statement, which has been denied by the judge, considering he’s a third party unconnected to the case.  The claims were denied by the judge, who suggested that third parties unconnected to the case cannot make a claim on behalf of the accused.

The judge declared ”there is no provision in the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure or intervention by a third party in a criminal proceeding.[…] Moreover, the motion is largely illegible. Therefore, there is no basis upon which to grant this motion, and it is denied.”

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