Aariel Maynor Sentenced To 3 Life Terms In Prison For Jacqueline Avant’s Murder


Aariel Maynor shot Jacqueline Avant last December.

It’s been several months since Jacqueline Avant was tragically shot during a home burglary, but her family and friends can now rest easy knowing that her killer, Aariel Maynor, has been sentenced to three life terms in prison, or a minimum of 150 years for his crimes.

According to the New York Post, the 30-year-old plead guilty to the December 1st killing and other related charges, also admitting to having shot at a security guard on the property – luckily, he and Jacqueline’s 90-year-old husband, Clarence, were unharmed.

Upon responding to the estate call, Beverly Hills police officers discovered Jacqueline had been hit by a gunshot. She was transported to hospital, where she would eventually die.

On Tuesday, April 19th, Maynor appeared in court, seemingly sitting in a wheelchair for the duration of the proceedings. Not long after Avant’s murder, he was arrested in Los Angeles when he allegedly shot himself in the foot while conducting another home burglary.

Investigators are said to have found evidence connecting the criminal to both crimes, also adding that he “bragged about the killing to a friend on a jailhouse phone call.”

Maynor was on parole at the time of the killing, and prior to that, he racked up an extensive criminal record for himself. Back in 2013 he plead guilty to a robbery charge, landing him a five-year prison sentence, and in the same year he pleaded no contest to a domestic violence incident; in 2010, he was convicted of grand theft.

RIP Jacqueline Avant.

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