Ne-Yo’s Wife Files For Divorce, Claims He Had A Child With Another Woman


Crystal Renay is calling it quits.

Ne-Yo‘s relationship with his wife, Crystal Renay, has been spiraling for a minute now. Last month, Ne-Yo seemed to want to try to fix their marriage, saying, “I will work through our challenges.” Renay, on the other hand, didn’t seem to be in the mood for making amends. She posted a video of herself listening to “F.N.F (Let’s Go)” on Instagram after claiming Ne-Yo was unfaithful.

Now, the marriage’s demise is all but official. Renay has filed for divorce, and in the documents said that the Ne-Yo recently had a kid with another woman. Renay stated that their marriage was “irretrievably broken with no hope for reconciliation.”

Renay and Ne-Yo married in February of 2016. The couple have three kids together, all of whom Renay says she has been taking care of since she left the singer on July 22. As such, Renay is requesting primary physical custody of the children and joint legal custody. She also is demanding child support and alimony.

This isn’t the first time Ne-Yo and his wife’s marriage has seemed irrevocably soured. Back in 2020, Renay filed for divorce but then withdrew her petition. It seemed like everything was going swimmingly just earlier this year, when the couple had a “second” wedding in Vegas. Ne-Yo credited quarantine for saving their marriage. “What the quarantine did was kind of force us to sit down and have these really uncomfortable discussions that we, honestly, would not have had otherwise,” he said said. “We would’ve never had the patience to sit in each other’s face and really just talk about what we don’t like about each other. If I’ve got an excuse to be gone, I’m gone, just to avoid the conflict.”

Maybe this means Ne-Yo‘s the only person on earth hoping for another shutdown.

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