Cardi B Didn’t Submit “WAP” To Grammys Intimidated By Reactions On The Internet


Lee and Cardi are friends, making this conversation highly anticipated as it’s expected the rapper will speak candidly about topics she doesn’t normally address. In a clip, the discussion shifted toward her megahit “WAP” and why she opted not to submit the track to the Grammys.     View this post on Instagram           

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“This is what I was mad about, ’cause this shoulda got a Grammy,” Lee said. “I’m probably gonna get a call about this later because this is what I tell her on the phone. I tell you this on the phone.” “You know what,” Cardi began. “This is something where it’s like, I need to stop letting the internet control my life. ‘Cause I didn’t want to submit ‘WAP’ because I was afraid that if I win or if I—you know what’s so crazy? The internet got me even afraid of winning. That is insane. Lee replied when Cardi first told him of her reasoning, he “wanted to jump through the phone.” 

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